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Coffee Market

Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee... by Mark Pendergrast. An excellent book about coffee history and the coffee market. This book takes a more modern approach than the Devil's Cup, and reviews the more recent history of coffee. This book is extremely well written, and is probably the most comprehensive book about coffee history available.
The Devil's Cup: Coffee, the Driving... by Stewart Lee Allen. This book describes the history of coffee in a more entertaining way than I have previously seen. Allen traveled the world, following the same path that coffee traveled as it spread from Ethiopia. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to cultivate their understanding of coffee's influence on history.
The Coffee Book: Anatomy of an Industry... This book is one of the best introductory books about coffee history that I have read. The facts within are intriguing and fun to read. This book is less detailed than Uncommon Grounds, but is easier to read and contains very useful information.



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