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This web site was developed to an educational source for coffee enthusiasts.  Since many introductory coffee sites are available, this site will focus on some of the more advanced topics in coffee. Our audience ranges from passionate consumers to coffee professionals and the tone of the site is appropriate for both. Within this site, you will find over 300 pages about coffee describing coffee growing, harvesting, exportation, roasting, brewing, consumption, health, and more.

Behind the scenes at the Coffee Research Institute we are pursuing a scientific understanding of coffee so that we can provide the general consumer and coffee professional with useful information and tips.  Some of the content may have a scientific edge, but it is this edge that sets us apart.  Our scientific background is then fused with a deep rooted passion for coffee.  It is our love for coffee that drives our pursuit for knowledge and our pursuit to improve coffee quality.

Coffee is complicated.  Our understanding of the beverage has improved significantly over the past couple of decades, but along with progress more questions arise.  The information contained within this site is based upon both scientific studies and personal experience.  Some experiments are simply not possible to perform and perception continues to be the governing factor for determining coffee quality.  All material that has not been referenced has been written and researched by Michael Griffin.  All videos and pictures have been provided by Michael Griffin.

If you have any ideas for stories or suggestions please let us know.  We will also be accepting articles written by other coffee professionals.  The information in this site will be continuously expanding.  At this time there is over 300 Mb of data about coffee detailed in this website and we hope to fill our allowance of 500 Mb soon.  Thank you for visiting and please visit often.


Michael Griffin

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