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Davidson College:


A verification of origin coffee study was undertaken at Davidson College to determine a commercially viable method to verify coffee origin and to detect adulteration of coffee samples.  Upon completion, four coffee samples (3 Arabica and 1 Robusta) were identified using IR spectroscopy and gas chromatography.  This report will not be published until further tests are undertaken.  Please contact Michael Griffin if you have any questions pertaining to this coffee research.


The manuscript entitled Determination of the Relationship Between Phosphate Concentration and Perceived Acidity in Coffee, has been accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the 18th ASIC Colloquium.  It is accessible only with the correct password.  If you have interest in this coffee research and cannot order the manuscript please e-mail


The Report on Electronic Noses provides an overview of multi-sensor array analysis, considerations, pattern recognition techniques, and future applications.


University of Texas:


We are currently working on developing an electronic analogue to the human tongue, using existing research on sensor arrays in the McDevitt research group at the University of Texas chemistry department. By modeling the human tongue and applying it to coffee chemistry, we expect to surpass the results obtained by other coffee research groups who use only electrochemical methods of analysis. For more information see the group Web site.



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