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Organic Coffee Beans

Benefits of Organic Coffee

Organic coffee beans are coffee beans that have been produced without the use of pesticides or herbicides.  This is both beneficial to both the producer and the consumer.  However, non-organic coffee is typically higher yielding because it is not usually shade grown. The definition of certified organic coffee can be extended to include an emphasis on recycling, composting, soil health, and protection of the environment.  These are important aspects to sustainability that are both cost effective and socially responsible. That is why organic fair trade coffee and organic shade grown coffee often go hand in hand.

Certified Organic Coffee Beans

The most common third party certification group is the Organic Crop Improvement Association.  They charge $350 for organic coffee certification.  Although this is relatively inexpensive for most farms, some small producers make only $1,000 per year.

To find an organic coffee supplier or for a list of certified organic coffee retailers, visit the Organic Trade Association.

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