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Coffee Statistics Links

For detailed statistics on the United States coffee market, the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the National Coffee Association are the best sources. You may purchase this information from either of these coffee resources and they may be contacted at the information below. The International Coffee Organization gathers and distributes international information on coffee consumption, exportation, and importation.

Specialty Coffee Association of America - The SCAA offers information about coffee drinking trends and coffee drinking statistics to its members in the United States. This may be the best source of information about specialty coffee statistics.

National Coffee Association - The NCA offers several statistical reports on the coffee industry. A quarterly statistical report called Coffee Trax is available for $35 each (free with NCA membership). This includes twenty pages of charts focusing on exportation statistics of USDA, ICO exports by group, import statistics, warehouse stocks, roasting, coffee retail prices, and retail market share.

The National Drinking Trends Supplemental Report offers extensive information on coffee consumption statistics including per capita consumption, information on consumers, consumption by time of day, intensity of coffee drinking, information on a wide variety of beverages including iced and gourmet, home drinking trends, additives, cup size, consumer knowledge analysis, roast preferences, and consumer perceptions. This manual costs $125 for NCA members, $200 for SCAA members, or $275 for non-members.

International Coffee Association - The ICO offers a wide variety of materials concerning data for the importation, exportation, and retail coffee prices. They have a newsletter they publish three times a year for $79. More information about supplies, exports, imports, indicator prices, retail prices, and prices paid to growers can be found in their quarterly Coffee Statistics manual for $316. For yearly data on annual exports and imports, the Trade Statistics manual is useful and sells for $158. Country profiles are also available.


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