A very well designed site with comprehensive recommendations on non-commercial coffee equipment.

Answers to a large number of questions about coffee. Also contains a very useful caffeine FAQ. features articles, tutorials, news, cafe culture and a database of coffee links. A new issue is released weekly.

A very nicely designed website created for consumers.  This site offers practical tutorials on home espresso and vacuum pots.  You can also give your opinion on a number of products, or see what others have to say about currently available roasters, espresso machines, and drip makers, grinders, and more.

Producer of the e-zine The Bean Scoop, and distributor of the coffee cozy, which keeps your french press at the right temperature for the total brew time.  Other features include tips on using a french press, coffee culture links, and coffee history.


International Coffee Organization

This is the best source of information about coffee market information.

Coffee guide, cafe reviews, espresso information, recipes and more. One of the first and best educational sites about coffee.



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