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Espresso Temperature Stabilizing

To make good espresso coffee consistently, the temperature of the water inside the espresso machine should be relatively stable.  According to some people, the majority of commercial espresso machines have a suitable temperature stability.  However, other experts indicate that the best way to achieve proper water temperature is to buy an espresso maker with a large boiler tank or dedicated tanks for brewing and steaming (Marzocco).  They also contend that temperature stabilizing may be practiced.  Temperature stabilizing is a method used to help maintain the water inside your espresso machine at a constant temperature.  If the water remains in the boiler too long it is overheated and if too much water is used to heat cups or brew espresso the boiler element cannot heat the water fast enough.  Therefore, it is important to run water through the group head and porta-filter every few minutes.  We recommend running water every time you take the porta-filter out and again before you replace it.  If you do this regularly you should be able to maintain a constant temperature within the espresso machine. 

How to Test the Temperature of Espresso

The best way to test the temperature of espresso is to place a k-type bead probe within the porta-filter up through the basket and measure water temperature throughout the day.  Verify that your temperature stabilizing program is actually keeping the temperature fairly stable.  With the perfect espresso temperature, you can achieve an even extraction and maximize the potential of the espresso. This will ensure that you're able to consistently brew a quality espresso.

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