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Coffee Roast Colors and Characteristics

Roast Degree


Light Light brown to cinnamon color
Low body and light acidity.  The beans are dry.  This roast is too light and does
not allow the coffee to develop to its full potential.
Medium - Light Medium light brown color.  The acidity brightens and body increases slightly.  The bean is still dry.
Medium Medium brown color.  The acidity continues to increase and the body becomes more potent.  The bean is mostly dry.
Medium - Dark Rich brown color.  Very small droplets of oil appear on surface.  The acidity is slowly diminished and body is most potent.  This is the ideal roast for a well blended espresso.
Dark Deep brownish/black color.  The bean has spots of oil or is completely oily.  Subtle nuances are diminished.  Flavor decreases, while body dominates.
Very Dark Black surface covered with oil.  All subtle nuances are gone, aroma is minor, and body is thin.  This roast is characteristic of American espresso.

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