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Grinding Coffee Beans

For proper extraction, it is essential to grind coffee properly.  Freshly grinding the beans before brewing coffee is one of the most important steps for achieving a quality cup of coffee.  Coffee should not be ground more than 2 minutes before brewing or major staling (oxidation) begins to take place.

Coffee Grinders: Bur, Blade Coffee Grinder Reviews

There are two main types of coffee bean grinders available.  Blade coffee grinders sell for about $20, grind the bean unevenly, and are messy.  Burr coffee grinders, are about $60-$125, grind evenly, and are clean and easy.  The extra investment is one of the best you will make, as burr grinders improve both the coffee quality and the ease of brewing.

For any scientific analysis, a blade grinder is unacceptable due to its lack of reproducibility.

Burrs should be replaced periodically (every 600-2000 lbs of coffee), but for typical home use it is only necessary to clean the burrs.

Coffee Beans Grinding Guide

Each coffee brewing method requires a different grind size:  Drip coffee requires a medium size grind, espresso requires a fine size grind, a French press requires the largest grind size, while the vacuum pot also requires the largest grind size.  For coffee cupping, it is preferred to use a French press grind size.

For more information about grinding gourmet coffee beans, visit

For additional tips on grinding and brewing coffee, visit Sweet Maria's.

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